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Turning off now. Sunday is my last day as Sky Sports customer, so that’ll be the last game I’ll see for a while.

Won’t miss watching garbage like that.


Night all.

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17 minutes ago, Miffed said:


With no supporters currently allowed in stadiums there must be some other way for us to voice our frustrations with the club. We need a way to be heard


Have you tried making a meme?

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Just now, TheEnchanter said:

Thompson not making changes yet. Absolutely criminal. I genuinely think he wants out. Wouldn't blame him. 

It's amazing how often the form with this lot turns after a decent little spell.


People talking about how well Thommo was doing and then we follow it up with three defeats in a row.


Always the same.


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Never felt so disjointed from this club in my life. 

It’s dying a slow painful death that feels like it will be a long time before it’s put out of its mystery.

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2 simple balls through the pitch and they score 


That was comical 


wouldn’t see it at the local park 

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We need a manager in, Thompson had his honeymoon but now showing that even he doesn't have a clue with this dinosaur football of hoof ball.


1 - 0 down for so long, doesn't do anything to try and effect the game, now 2-0 down and there's no point!


Brown and Paterson on at 75 mins, should have been done at half time.



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