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The worst thing about all this is not the fact that we are going to League One, its knowing DC and Piaxo will sign another of rubbish in the summer and we aren't coming back up any time soon!

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Just now, SallyCinnamon said:

That was disgraceful by Palmer.


Lost the ball easily in a dangerous area. And then just ambled back showing absolutely no desire to win it back.


Really not good 



He didn't cover himself in the glory for the goal either.


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1 minute ago, TheEnchanter said:

Brentford are making some disgusting dirty tackles. **** me. 

It's the man city approach. Foul any attempt at a counterattack

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That's what is wrong with football. A clinical foul which results in our CH going off the field and they score through the middle as a result. Shocking.

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