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48 minutes ago, room0035 said:

We can play 3 over age players each game, yet never do, then the manager comes on and tells us x player is lacking match fitness.


No other club is as badly run top to bottom. For me FDB, Wildsmith, Kachunga, maybe Rhodes all should be involved. A striker needs games and getting Rhodes banging in a few goals, at any level builds his confidence. That is unless once again the prolific Windass plays instead - no goals in 3 months and counting.😆😆😆 if memory serves me.

Dont know if you've seen a 23s game .they serve no purpose of getting a senior player back up to scratch.they stroll thru the game until the agreed time that they can come off .I know that anyone who watches them knows that I'm bloody sure thompson knows that  .

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