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Neil Thompson on why he changed the tactics, formation and starting lineup

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I thought they would play one up front so I didn't think we needed three centre-halves picking up that one. Liam Palmer has had a bit of time out of the side so I thought him and Matt Penney would give us fresh legs down the sides.


We played Baz in off the left and we moved him more centrally later on because I wanted to get him on the ball so I tweaked it.


We know Baz can play in off the wide; he did that during Carlos [Carvalhal's] reign. He can find a bit of space but it didn't quite happen today because they squeezed the game but we adjusted it as we saw fit.


Three centre-backs has worked for us in a lot of games but I didn't think it was the right way to go today.

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2 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

He got it wrong. He’s not up to the job. No point harping on.


Move on.

Agreed. He’s done well overall but  there was always going to be hiccups. However I think anyone connected to the club ( except DC it seems) recognises that we need a strong , experienced manager to keep us up. 

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People are guilty of overthinking things. You even see that at junior football level these days. Play to your strengths rather than worrying about the opposition especially when you are at home. You can’t change on a regular basis between a Back 3 and a Back 4. The defence is the foundation of the team for gods sake.

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It very much fits in with scribbling in notebooks while Rome burns type of modern coaching.

When you break down what he's saying it wouldn't be out of place in the corner of the pub an hour before kickoff over pints and arguments about acca's.

Really decent bloke but he's probably at the outer extent of his ability.

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I just don't know how we were planning to create chances.


We didn't really get down the flanks and put decent deliveries into the box, which is how we've scored most of our recent goals. But then we barely played a meaningful through-ball for the forwards to latch onto all game, either.


We mostly just lumped aimless long balls up in the general direction of Birmingham's defence and hoped for the best.


It's as if the fact we were blunted by Stoke's defence resulted in a complete change of approach, which wasn't necessary and clearly didn't work.

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I thought he was going to say because he isn't picking the team each week.


He drops players for not performing or fatigue then plays other who either need a rest of are under performing. Then blames them being a bit leggy yet still picks the same 7 or 8 players every game.



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