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Next season if we go down....

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1 hour ago, Django said:

will you be getting a season ticket/ membership if Chansiri is still here?



Next season could be another relegation fight season, we have 12 first team players to pick from and only 1 in Iorfa appears to have any fight in him.

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I’ve answered yes every time to questions like this  but for the first time ever I’m not sure. I alway go with my Dad who’s 80 now but for the first time ever we’ve discussed not getting season tickets and just got POTG if and when we feel like it. 
You don’t get that many ‘free’ games by buying a season ticket so we’ll be that far out of pocket if we end up going to more games than we thought we would. 
The main reason we even have season tickets is to get the seats we like but if you have membership then in the unbelievably unlikely case that there are busy games you can normally book a bit earlier anyway. 
The only reason my Dad could give for getting season tickets was to ensure we could get Wembley tickets if we got to a play off final for L1! I’m getting him booked in for a dementia test next week. 

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