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Silver lining if we go down.. Chansiri might sell us

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2 hours ago, @owlstalk said:




Im laid in bed on my phone reading this and was just about to have a peaceful nights sleep!! 🤣🤣

Why are you laid on your phone in bed isn't it a Tad uncomfortable ????

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9 hours ago, Owl Be Back said:


Nah, he's already had enough. There's more chance of him liquidating us than selling us.


LIQUID8: it's time to level down



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9 hours ago, Sweet Shezza said:

Did you not realise we’d break the spending rules when we were signing players with Prem promotions and Champions League experience?

why didn’t you pipe up then?

It was obvious we’d be skint if we failed wasn’t it? So why wait until we failed to start complaining? 
Did you unfurl a protest banner when we signed Rhodes? 

You are aware that when you're in a position of responsibility, then you have to take responsibility for doing things correctly?


Chansiri is owner, director, CEO, chairman.  It's his job to keep the club within the rules.  It's he who decides who is signed, it's he who knows the finances inside out, what's affordable and what's not and with that information, make responsible decisions.


I never complained about my beef lasagna tasting of horse, never once.  I never stood outside the factory with a banner saying "those cows look like horses, are you sure they are cows?", ergo, it's my fault a company swapped beef for horse in my lasagna and sold it as a beef lasagna.  In no way can the directors of the supermarkets or the suppliers take blame for it.

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8 hours ago, thesouthowl said:

Something that's bothered me for ages and I need to get it off my chest.


I hate WAWAW, it makes us sound lame and tinpot!!


This picture says it all and also sums up our TunaTwat chairknob when he is asking what I think of him.


I think it says What A W@NKER Aren't We - Yes you are, so sell our club and foook right off!!!


Admin, can this be added as a filter for Chansiri please?



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