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Us, Wycombe and 

Just now, doubleo said:

Not blaming NT, he’s inherited this lot, so now we need a manager to rebuild. This seasons gone.

I think he has to take some blame, re team selection and tactics TBF.

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2 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Anyone else feel sick with what is happening to the club, league one next season is a disgrace. The fact we still haven’t been able to make up 6 points on 3 teams in the league shows just how crap we are. 

Yep, sick of it. Crap performance. Still plenty of games but with this bunch you just don't know. I game look OK and some effort  next game just can't be arsed. This is where a manager earns his pay by motivation of the players.

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4 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:


Uhm, got , a, uhm, appointment, yes, that's it. an appointment, would love to help out, but, y'know, can't break an engagement

If I've got to stay on an read, you can. 



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1 minute ago, Steve Down South said:

First may or may not have been a yellow but ref called it as he saw it.  Once Shaw got the yellow card then why on earth us he making a challenge like the second one in that part of the pitch?  Pure stupidity by our player, not really anything to do with the ref.  I think we should stop looking for faults in others and concentrate on our own multiple shortcomings.  


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