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Wednesday - V - Birmingham OMDT

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Just now, Sticky Micky said:

Was starting to feel sorry for Thompson thinking the players had down tools for another poor soul 


But the guy has had a nightmare with tactics and subs the last few games 


Well out of his depth 

Yep, shocking decisions..... IF...he's the one making them.

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We have the worse chairman in league surrounded by bad advisers who are just after money. Nobody interested in the buy of the club because it doesn’t make any money and has players on contracts that aren’t worth anything,  Palmer an lees let me tell you are absolutely horrendous wouldn’t get in any championship team. 

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Bunch of show pony's in midfield again.

I have always thought we would get out of it, but after the display's v Stoke and Brum I cannot see how, now.

We just do not have the morale fiber to stay up.

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4 minutes ago, OwlBiSeeinThi said:

Because the first yellow was not a card. That's why. And if the second was a dangerous challenge it should have been a straight red not a yellow.

The club is a joke. But so are a number of refs.

First may or may not have been a yellow but ref called it as he saw it.  Once Shaw got the yellow card then why on earth us he making a challenge like the second one in that part of the pitch?  Pure stupidity by our player, not really anything to do with the ref.  I think we should stop looking for faults in others and concentrate on our own multiple shortcomings.  

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1 minute ago, Lord Snooty said:


Harris ------> Rhodes


has looked useful of late . Should have kept at it.

Can't for the life of me think why it wasn't kept like that. Especially for today ... completely foookin weird 

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