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Wednesday - V - Birmingham OMDT

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2 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

we don’t come back from this imo. This was a must win game. I just hope when we go down Chansiri sods off whatever the consequences. Anything is better than this. 


I'm not even sure DC understands the concept of relegation - it might actually come as a surprise to him.

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5 minutes ago, Jim said:

The experts are going to go to town on Shaw now. Thompson has got to take some responsibility for starting Windass. People can moan about Rhodes until the cows come home but he’s never had a proper run in the side. Countless managers have f***ed up IMO.



Paterson has been far worse!

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7 minutes ago, OwlBiSeeinThi said:

Disagree, but even if you are right, he should only be on one yellow.

The ref has ruined it

Did the red force Shaw to make that challenge?  No, of course not, so why do some people always look to put the blame on someone else.  The club are a joke, we’re going down so just accept it rather than look to place the blame elsewhere.

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