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Wednesday - V - Birmingham OMDT

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3 minutes ago, Jamie_W said:

I’m absolutely not one for saying you should be able to kick players up in the air but I’m not sure what’s wrong with that.

Gets the ball cleanly, follows through & takes the man out.

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2 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


Wins the ball, follows through with a lack of control with his trailing leg and takes the player out. You don't get away with that these days and having been sent off for a similar challenge this season, he should know this, especially having already been booked. Lets not blame the referee for this, why did he feel the need to make such a challenge 80 yards from goal?



Absolutely this. Awful decision making 

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2 minutes ago, slinger208b said:


And a red...

No. You’re missing the point.


You’ve quoted an offence which is punishable with a red card. Not a yellow. 

If a player is deemed to have committed serious foul play, it’s a straight red card regardless of whether the offender has already been booked. 

Which offence did Shaw commit which was worthy of a yellow? The referee has decided it wasn’t serious foul play by brandishing the yellow.

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Just now, cain said:

Shaw is an absolute tool, he’s not interested because he’s off....Thompson is showing his inept ability with his ‘tactics’ and the fact he never changes things....and the worst of all is Chansiri who is just a total clown 

problem is.... who exactly is choosing the team ?

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Just now, daleblue said:

Dont fret, there will be a clause  in it, he will not play in league one. 

I hope so. Captain combover creates yet another goal today. Playing the first of a five pass move that cut us wide open. 

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