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Wednesday - V - Birmingham OMDT

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We are an embarrassment.

Wonder how much our shirts and season tickets will cost in league 1 next year. 

No doubt all the blind idiots will come up with the standard response of “you don’t have to buy one” rather than admit we are in serious trouble. 

Disgusting what’s happened to us. 

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Shaw is an absolute tool, he’s not interested because he’s off....Thompson is showing his inept ability with his ‘tactics’ and the fact he never changes things....and the worst of all is Chansiri who is just a total clown 

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1 minute ago, Philb125 said:

I’m so glad Bannan signed a new contract. Two more years of this To look forward to. 

Dont fret, there will be a clause  in it, he will not play in league one. 

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