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Just now, SallyCinnamon said:

No poo mate. 

But it’s still very harsh.

Doesn't matter.


Don't give the ref the excuse.


Where was he on the pitch? Out wide, deep in their half? 


Why go to ground.


Utter stupidity and it will cost us big.

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:



Wins the ball, follows through with a lack of control with his trailing leg and takes the player out. You don't get away with that these days and having been sent off for a similar challenge this season, he should know this, especially having already been booked. Lets not blame the referee for this, why did he feel the need to make such a challenge 80 yards from goal?



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Idiotic! Young and inexperienced is no excuse.

He’s on a yellow with a ref who likes to dish out cards and has committed the foul near their area, showing his studs albeit he got the ball!

Having already been sent off earlier in the season he’s not learnt and cost us in a huge game! 

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2 minutes ago, quinnssweetshop said:


You're worse than a pig Chansiri

Why would you want to post abuse like that? Hardly the Chairman’s fault that Shaw was sent off! 



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