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Just now, Miffed said:

Even Bannan could have laid that off instead of shooting, especially when 99.9% of his shots get blazed over the bar

When Bannan shoots it's like 3 points in rugby. 3 points.

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One footed, from the side, got the balland then the man, not high = perfect tackle but it shows what the game is about nowadays it’s pathetic.

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This sending off has REALLY f*cked me off.


Not just because it was a daft decision by Shaw to go in like that while on a booking.


But also because the ref literally couldn't wait to send him off. He couldn't wait to book him either time. Ref was loving the trotting over waving his card look, loving it.

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1 minute ago, S36 OWL said:


Behave, it was a good old fashioned sliding tackle which won the ball. 

It’s not my behaviour it’s the rules! You are not allowed to go in studs up at that pace. 
But why even do it! Birmingham going nowhere. 

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It's a daft challenge to attempt if you are on a yellow in an area where you don't need to make a challenge like that, if you get it wrong. 


Personally I don't think he did get it wrong. 

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1 minute ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Watched it multiple times now. 

And come on it’s incredibly harsh to send him off.

He's on a yellow.


Don't go to ground.


Not rocket science.

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