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Terrific photo of the old girl. The Owl ‘ass eating’ logo is like the tramp stamp tattoo you see on once fit middle aged women once they’ve gone to seed. 

Just for the record they are my favourite sort of women. As for rimming on a first date I’m not sure of the etiquette nowadays but when I was a lad it depended if you’d had pudding or not. 

And yes, Mars. Brilliant. Maybe we should, relocate there and be the biggest club on the Planet?

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2 minutes ago, Owl Stork said:

Is this a suggestion for the site of the new ground? Bit extreme, but suppose it might solve our undersoil heating issues.



Atmosphere would be the same tho





Owlstalk Shop




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Just now, Owl Stork said:




Give over


The only time our crowd is hostile is towards our own players

Rest of the time it's turn up in silence, sit in silence, leave before the end (in silence)


Owlstalk Shop




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