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Barry Bannan commits to the Owls!

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That has made my day that.

It’s a tough time for everyone at the moment with everything that’s going on outside football, never mind what’s going on at Hillsborough, but seeing that video and how pleased Barry is to stay and commit to the club is absolutely brilliant. Top man Barry and here’s to many more games in blue and white 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🦉 

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Personally I think this is a bit of positivity. 

Baz could easily get a contract at a mid/high table championship side but has chosen to commit to us. I feel he gets the fans and what we want, but is ultimately limited as to the talent on the field.

Hopefully we can stay up this season and we can push forward. 


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Absolutely delighted with it, probably one of the only positives we can take from this season. It means that if we do get relegated then at least we can get some decent money for him. Or is it a case of ‘speculate to accumulate’? 

However, it does raise some questions re finances. There’s no way we would have offered him reduced wages because he could easily have waited to run down his contract and then go to another club for the same, if not higher wages. So, assuming we are paying the same wages as before then surely we could afford to offer shaw more money? 

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No firm interest from other clubs then, the myth of a top end championship player finally disproved.

Would rather have kept Shaw and Urhoghide both more mobile and with a future, and potentially change us from a long ball lob it up there team.

If we go down we have to hope we have players that can carry him defensively.



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