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On 17/02/2021 at 08:29, crookesowl said:

With Rhodes on pitch we have a striker who was doing OK, offered a threat from crosses and scored 2 in recent weeks. 

Then he is subbed off for Kachunga, who offered nothing again. 

I just don’t get it. Can someone explain please? 


Rhodes is great if you play the game out wide and then make early crosses that dont waste his runs off the ball. Tuesday, we weren't doing that, we were hoofing it at the strikers from deep. Rhodes tries, but doesn't have the skill-set to make the most of this, as he is too slight to challenge for the first ball and not fast enough to get on any flick on. 

My only thought on swapping him for Katchnga rather than trying to play a way that brings him into the game, is that Katchunga used to have a bit of pace and maybe Thompson wanted him to try and get on the end of any balls Paterson managed to flick on. 

Two problems with this: 1. Paterson wasn't winning any balls either. 

2. Katchunga isn't fast any more. Proven in this very game when he tried to push the ball past their foreign defender and go the other way round him and the defender turned, caught him and then got to the ball first. Windass is faster and makes more of a nuisance of himself, so i dont know why Katchunga was chosen - but in my opinion we should have been playing the ball on the floor and going wide to make chances for Rhodes. Not sure what was going on on the bench. 

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