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Running contracts down

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3 minutes ago, beswetherick said:

He’s run the club into the ground and I think we’ve got even further to fall yet, unless he suddenly gets his shít together and learns how to run a business and a football club

He needs to put professional people in place and let them do their job. If he hasn’t learnt that yet, I really don’t think he is going to.

Absolute shambles!

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3 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


Have the accounts been published yet?

Have the season ticket refunds been done?

Is the boiler working again yet?

I think you'll find its what's known as leggi'ism a common ailment at Sheffield Wednesday,  it affects all aspects of day to day running of our Club. 

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1 hour ago, ponym110 said:

Said it before it’s not this season that worries me it’s next year.


it’ll be close but I think we good enough to stay up but who’s going to be left for next year

Yeah I feel the same. Too many over dramatic statements on here sometimes but I honestly think the close season/ pre season ahead of 2021-22 will shape our club for a long time to come.

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Totally expecting the vast majority of, if not all of the out of contract players to leave in the summer.


In some ways I think this is why Thompson is still in charge. Whichever division we’re in, there is going to be a major reset. I just wonder if that includes the exit of the Chairman? The way things are and are going this looks more and more likely to me regardless of what the local media are saying?

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