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Stoke... Not won since forever... Along we come with an utterly disgraceful performance from the biggest load of bottlers in the football League. 

Sack the lot of em. Utter sheite. 


No investment on this set of turds and sheite advisors. 


Chansiri out !! And that tugger Paxo too. 

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3 minutes ago, Animis said:

Sometimes we don't look like a Championship team - we lack the basic quality. Can barely keep possession and our speed of thought and composure is really concerning.


I just hope we can grind out enough 1-0s to keep up, but it doesn't look good.

Sometimes? I've not seen all the games, thankfully, but not seen us look championship quality in 1 game. The wins we get are 1-0 smash and grabs. Not good enough by a long way. 

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1 minute ago, Ray Von shabba said:

Sorry but NT not shown he's the man with these tactics and substitutions tonight.

Players need to take some responsibility. Looked like a total CBA display tonight. 

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