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Stoke -V- Wednesday OMDT

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We need to start showing more composure on ball and try and play it on the deck.


We have players in midfield that are comfortable on the ball so why not use them.


It's just hopeful balls forward, and we aren't winning many second balls.


When we have got forward we've caused problems.


Ref is shocking!

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Just now, Kagoshimaowl said:

Awful game, poor ref and terrible commentary. Hope we nick it one nil!

Think you are being too generous for this ref. Absolutely dreadful. I know commentators are going to have a bit of biased. But the Stoke guy literally cannot see past the end of his nose.

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1 minute ago, Owlstastic said:

Urhoghide having another great half. He's been excellent for Thompson.


He is a decent player.  Sometimes his touch is a bit heavy, but what CB's isn't?  Him, Hunt, Shaw and Galvin all need to be signed up IMO.

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