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4 minutes ago, Animis said:

Watching us play is like football from the 80s


There is no need to have a go at the 80's lol

So far this game is rubbish


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4 minutes ago, Andysowls said:

Fletch’ll be following....hobbled since sat in our box!


That's just how he walks 



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1 minute ago, Owlstastic said:

Ref's blown for 11 fouls so far. He's ruining the flow of the game. Shocking. 

Loves his whistle dunt he. Let the game flow ffs. Way too stop and start this it’s painful.

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2 minutes ago, SiJ said:

Typical Champ ref.


Constantly ruin games and make it about them.

Yep. Making a scrappy game even more scrappy with endless whistle blowing. Sometimes that can work for you if your under the cosh but it’s annoying to watch. 
Hutch in the book now. Refs like this one love to get the Red out so he’s going to have to be careful!

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