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Just now, A12owl said:

Remember last seasons game. 

Don't expect that. 

Different squad .


Some old legs in there now for Stoke . 

They will tire if we keep up this good work 

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Standard away performance for us at the moment. Strikers not linking up play and looking isolated not getting the ball wide etc etc. 
Stoke a bit wasteful of possession but you think they will break through eventually. 

need to get the ball wide as Harris will give them problems. 


Fletcher limping though which has given me flashbacks!

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7 minutes ago, TheEnchanter said:

We are not playing to Paterson or Rhodes strengths at all. But they're also rubbish at connecting midfield. 




If we're going to play both of them up top, we simply have to get early crosses into the box, otherwise their natural game is being stifled and we're going to struggle to create much.


Neither are going to link play with any real consistency, nor run in behind and threaten with their pace.

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