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What's the coolest player name we've had?

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31 minutes ago, Salmonbones said:

Here is my list of names - I just find them all interesting for different reasons!


Johnny Fantham
Lloyd Owusu
Mamadi Sidibe
Guylain Ndumbu-Nsungu
Chris Bart Williams
Redfearn Froggatt
Sid Binks
Con Blatsis
Regi Blinker
Archie Brash
Barry Corr
Tony Crane
Malcolm Darling
Chris Eagles
Ritchie Partridge
Lea Peacock 
(that's three consecutive birds!)
Harry Ruddlesdin
Pavel Srnicek
Efan Ekoku
Etienne Esajas
Yoann Folly
Rocky Lekaj


How can you find all those interesting but not Orlando Trustfull

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19 minutes ago, beswetherick said:


I’ve never really thought about it before but Tommy Spurr is a pretty cool name. Not as cool as Regi Blinker or Orlando Trustful, but still pretty cool

I agree I was trying to think of names not previously mentioned. Basically something unusual and makes you take notice.

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