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Does Neil Thompson want the job?

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Would be mad to turn it down.


He's got nothing to lose. He's hardly a young, upcoming manager with a reputation to damage.


It's a no lose situation.


Take it, either do well and stay on, or do badly, leave the club and become a youth coach elsewhere again.

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He is diplomatic in his answers but there is clearly a disconnect between those running club and coaching team. 


Being manager of Wednesday is no easy role (and not just by pressure of results). 


Scouting is limited and players offered may not be what you want.


He was at club before current regime came in so not in league with our advisor. Hence will be constantly under scrutiny as would always like manager to be one of his pals.


Has good job at moment so why spoil it?

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He has been at Wednesday along time and also had a role regardless of Owner or Manager.  He might like the security of that.


On flip side he cannot turn down if offered the chance full time.  He will be offered it cause he has done well.

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Thompson has had a long career in football both as a player and then coach. The game is full of people in his type of role. Proper ‘servant of football’ types, multiple jobs in the same industry, beavering away in the background making the game work. 
Until he was made interim manager I wouldn’t have known who the bloke was if he walked into my house and sat down next to me. 
He’s now been pushed into the ‘limelight’ (limited as it is down here at the bottom end of the Championship). 
A big chance has come his way and he has risen to the challenge in a way no one could reasonably expected!


He’s 57 now. Just a short number years from retirement. What would I do if I were him?

No idea. If he kept us up as caretaker then he would have a job for life as a coach, or be able to get a mangers job here or indeed somewhere else! 
Fair play to the bloke. Whatever happens he’s earned the respect of many, many people. 

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