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It's snowing heavily here at Hillsborough

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5 minutes ago, REDOWL said:

Yes mate,I'm one of the types that likes dinner at dinner time but got carried away doing something else. Reckon it goes back to school days,a very long time ago,when I used to take five shillings (or two half crowns)every Monday for a week's dinner money.

Must have bin a classy diner, ours was only 9d.

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4 minutes ago, Grandad said:

I used to play footy at dinner times at school and pocket my dinner money.


It always covered my Intercity Owl trips to away games

Me too! Used to survive on two packs of cheesy Smax, then raid the biscuit tin when I got home.

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Last game I went to when it really hammered it down with Snow was when we played Carlisle in the cup. Biggest cheer of the night was as the snow slowly slipped off the roof and hit one of the Stewards. It was all fun and games until the drive back to Stannington. Nearly browned my trousers when I hit the brakes going downhill and the van did a slow motion 180degree turn and came to a gentle rest against a skip! Swore off driving in the snow ever again. 
Anyway, will be propper annoyed if the game is cancelled tonight. The alternative is ‘Celebs go Dating’ and I just can’t take it!

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Guest Grandad
2 minutes ago, capetownowl said:

No Snow in Cape Town.


35c with a light wind and Clear Sky.


Ice cold beer and pool.


Same forecast for next few weeks.

Enjoy the slush.😂

Never have I needed the neg back more 

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Absolutely no snow in PL25.


Was hoping for an excuse not to go to work today, then I remembered I work from home now and even if I wasn't I could walk to the office anyway.


On the upside the solitude of lockdown is doing wonders for my sanity.

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23 minutes ago, Owl Stork said:

What are the tidal heights? You can't just give us half the information. How can we accurately predict the snowfall in Hillsborough otherwise. FFS?

You’re quite right...apologies.

high tide 5.68m

low tide 0.79m

heavy groundswell too.

I’ll remember in future.

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