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Nixon’s take on the managerial situation

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2 hours ago, The Night-Owl said:


Monk shouldn't have even started the season, that collapse from 3rd to relegation survival was among our worst form in our entire history. Jos, Monk and Pulis were shocking appointments, neither suited our squad. Carlos and Bruce have been DC's only decent appointments, Carlos got us close and Bruce before he left us in the lurch seemed the real deal if he had stayed. DC's record of appointments is mixed at best but we've been on a steady decline, apart from briefly when Bruce was appointed and when we somehow got to 3rd under Monk, ever since Wembley, we've gone from one shambolic disaster to another.


Recruitment as been poor and things have got worse each year on and off the pitch ever since the play off near misses. Ultimately with the way the club is being ran, we'll end up in the lower leagues, next season or eventually. If we go down it will be mostly because of DC and his chums, Thompson, the rest of the coaches and the players have at least given it a go and showed fight and character before the Millwall game but ultimately it won't be enough and if it isn't enough, DC should be the one to blame, along with the vultures he uses as advisers. 

cant have the whole GM debate again,too many other things now,but it truly amazes me after everything we know now,that GM is still trotted out as the cause of our ills....

Had GM been sacked earlier which of the problems he faced would have been different?...The collapse was down to multiple factors many of which we wernt aware of athe time.

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1 hour ago, Minesapint said:

It’s not a popular view to have, but I think had he continued with Monk we would be in a better position than we are now

I think that’s quite feasible.  What I am convinced about was that if Cook had been appointed after Monk had been sacked then we would be out of the bottom 3 by now.  The answer was staring Chansiri in the face and once again he got it totally and utterly wrong.


For what it’s worth, I think Thompson is doing a decent job, no blame attached to him at all.  

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