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Embarrassing now 

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Just now, beswetherick said:

Embarrassing. What the fùck was Bannan playing at there

Very poo pass, but it also highlights the lack of movement up front and form the midfield!

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1 minute ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Yeah do agree to an extent. But I do think we always bottle it and fold against physical teams. 


Preston are among the most physical in this division, we beat them last week.


Despite todays results we are less than the 6 points adrift of safety that off field issues have cost us and they have had to contend with not being paid, sticking by a useless maanger, appointing a negative manager and now not appointing a manager at all.


Our squad is not one of the 3 worst in this division but I'd be surprised if there are 3 clubs that are run in a worse manner than we are. 

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7 minutes ago, mcmigo said:

Totally disagree.


the players have had absolutely everything thrown at them off the pitch this season. 3 managers, not being paid , points deductions- no squad of players has had as much to deal with in this league but they have battled to be close to safety. 




Fair enough. Definitely think there are

many issues at the club. But the players have played their part in all of this with weak performances. 


Im all for blaming Chansiri and previous managers, but the players have been pretty terrible as well. 


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