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This is one of those games where a win, loss or draw wouldn’t be a surprise.

We are on a roll, they are tough to beat. A draw would be reasonable but of course you can’t set up for a draw. So I’d rather we give it the full beans and go for a convincing win. Better to burn out than to fade away or something like that...

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34 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

Agreed. Very interesting. A balance between rotation and not wanting to change a winning line-up. Also taking into account a game against an “easier” team on Tuesday.


Cant see any reason Windass would start ahead of Kachunga or Rhodes. They’ve done well and Windass has had a poor spell.


Wonder if he might keep nursing Luongo back to health gently. Joey has been excellent these last two games. 

I do think Dunkley will come in for Urhoghide.


Isnt it odd? We now have what looks like a superb back 3 of Lees-Dunks-Hutch.


(no neg button so I’m free to annoy people with nicknames)


In terms of Windass, I fear that with a Paterson/Rhodes front line, we lack the mobility and ability to move defences around.


Kachunga has done that brilliantly in the last couple of games. 


If Kachunga isn't doing that role, somebody else has to. Windass and Marriott are the only others who have that natural instinct to run the channels and get in behind.


Given that Marriott is seemingly out of favour, and way down the pecking order, that's why I went for Windass over Rhodes to partner Paterson.

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38 minutes ago, Costello 77 said:


Without having to ponder.


1. Irish border

2. Lockdown relaxation

2. World peace 

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I’d keep the line up exactly the same. Bring subs on later if it isn’t working.


Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.


Even Joey has been doing ok. Doesn’t deserve to be dropped.


Then nice to bring on subs that actually have an impact.

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draw seems nailed on and maybe a decent result, but our form shows this is a winnable game.


We'll probably lose then...

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2 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:

I want nothing less than a repeat of this all-time classic today...



Alas, there will be no rage and boos from the crowd at full time today.



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Guest Bulgaria
40 minutes ago, pachyderm said:


Millwall, Charlton, and Birmingham for me. I feel like we always loe to those three... 

No hard facts to prove it though. 


Can I add Reading to that list?


Awful games.

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57 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

Important to punctuate this correctly. 


Old Holms. I have no idea 2 hat he means. 





















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50 minutes ago, pachyderm said:

3 nil The Wednesday.


This one streaming? 


Is our iPlayer thingy worth buying? 


I've had it before and it was ok. Any better now? 

I've pretty much watched all the matches on iFollow this season. Only problem your going to have is if you have a problem with your PC, or they have a problem at there end.


Generally they don't have problems at there end, but I think it's down to the ground we're playing at, so as it's in London today, you would expect / hope they have plenty of bandwidth.


Make sure your PC is warmed up and finished running Windows updates / what ever Windows does at start up. (Maybe switch on at 2pm)


Btw You can't use a VPN on the iFollow site, or it f3cks it up.


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Confidence is reflectively high after a good run of  results


We’d now start to expect a result against a mediocre, stubborn Millwall side


2-0 to Millwall 

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