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Joost Van Aken Leaving in the Summer

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34 minutes ago, Tony Pulis said:


"Last season I made the choice to let myself be rented out"





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52 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

Can one of our many linguists translate the main points please?


What with Dutch being such an easy language.

I will search far and wide and leave no stone unturned as I consider over 200 different clubs before making my decision.

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30 minutes ago, BRADDO said:

200 CB's to find this guy.


Cheers DC

Cheers Paxo 



10 million bicycles in Beijing 

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i was stood next to him 2 years ago and was shocked how skinny his legs are. its no wonder that he is always injured . 4million fee and must be on decent wages maybe 20grand a week at a guess. id put him in our top 10 worst ever signings based on wages ,transfer fee and appearances and contributions . abdi is in top 2 . who the hell recommended  him to us? 

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I am desperately trying to find something good to say about Joost. 
Best I can muster is ‘not quite as shîte as he used to be’. 

Normally I wish departing players ‘good luck’ but I’d actually be a bit miffed if Joost has good luck and becomes a great player in the future. So ‘average luck’ Joost. Hope you haven’t wasted all of your wages. Because you will never get paid this much again!

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I actually think there's a player in there somewhere, but he's lacking some key physical attributes to make him a decent player. 


He's never looked comfortable playing for us though, so it's best he ships out. 

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2 hours ago, Green Calx said:

I'll drive him to Hull, get him a meal deal and pay for his ferry to Zeebrugge gladly. He's been garbage since day 1. 


Si thee 



Absolutely not good enough, but committed.


Hope he does ok elsewhere.  

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