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MLB 2021

Guest Manwithastick

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Guest Manwithastick

New year, new thread. 


What are you expecting from MLB this year?

Will it be The Padres year (füçkoff @Bez) or will the Dodgers juggernaut keep them in their place?

Will ownership continue to whine about being poor whilst generating $billions in income?

Will lolMets continue to Mets it up or will Steve Cohen's money and getting all the sexpests out of the clubhouse bring success?


I'm assuming we'll run a fantasy league again this year ( @Neal M)? Especially since there was no official champion in last years bastardised season. We could probably do with a few new sign ups if possible. @darra - come back to the fold - Blue Jays are looking good this year. 


I'm (hoping to be) holidaying in Mexico in August when their playoffs are on so I'm rooting for the Tigres De Quintana Roo as I'd love to go to a game there (LMB reckoned to be AAA level). I'm also toying with the idea of a NY/Boston short hop in late September (there's a Mets/Yankees/Sox mashup on the schedule) but I'm erring towards booking this late based on Covid. 


Predictions to follow but safe to say I can't see the Red Sox troubling October. 



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Rockies fans collectively lost their poo over Nolan. Imagine a Blades style shoes off frenzy. But with a much larger (and gun owning) fan base.


Yes - we have an owner who is purely interested in money, and a yes man GM 


But it’s not new. We’ve known that for years. 

Unfortunately we are like LA’s football market. Very high amount of migrants and tourists, so Rockies fans can stay away all they want, but we’ll still sell beer, dogs, and tickets to all the expat Californians, Texans, Mid-westerners, and Eastern seaboarders that still support their native teams while now calling Colorado home. 

The owls are not what they seem.

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