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The man


The legend


Callum Paterson




The majestic Pato has topped the fans’ poll with a 27% share of the vote  his delicious finish, of cunning, guile and mind games against Bournemouth being the icing on this months cake.


They say time slows for the great players and Pato is proving that as swaiths of defenders and keepers alike become statuesque when he enters their orbit.


His cheeky grin doing to them what a glance from Medusa once did to foolish warriors.



Well done Pato!

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Pato's bullet time is a bit different from the one of The Matrix..  That is why he is so unpredictable 😅
Definitely an earned win for him, those goals could prove to be very valuable 👍

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3 minutes ago, Shetland Owl said:

well done Paterson, hope he is fit for Saturday


Agree. Especially as he's in a bit of form.

Though if he's struggling I hope they use common sense and rest him.

Don't want to risk him long term.

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7 minutes ago, Kagoshimaowl said:

We only played 3 games in the month. Very hard to pick from that.


To be honest I'd give it him just for this...




Such an un - Wednesday goal.

Too many times we have to work for our goals and the opposition are the ones that score comedy ones against us.


Nice to see some role reversal 

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Well done lad. Wins a raffall to impose as a footballer for life. Gets lumbered with a kit 2 sizes too small. Managers to score the sort of goals a Sunday league player would score if they've just seen a football for the first time in their lives.


Keep going big lad 👍


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