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How Our January Transfer Window Compares To Our Rivals'...

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2 minutes ago, FreshOwl said:

How can we complain or be surprised at lack of signings when we’re allegedly under an embargo? 


Surprised? No - there have been plenty of warning signs that this was going to be the way of things this January.


We certainly have every right to complain though, given the mismanagement that has led us to this point, plus the fact that any embargo we might be under hasn't been communicated to the fanbase, and the chairman was talking of strengthening the squad and supporting the coaching team going into the window.

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46 minutes ago, Tony Pulis said:

It's all well and good looking at the amount of signing, but you need to also look at quality. Rotherham, Forest and QPR have made some pretty solid signings but everyone else's additions generally look considerable worse than ours on paper in terms of quality - especially Wycombe, Coventry, Millwall and Luton.

Luton have sign Tom Ince who is a proven championship performer and Adebayo from Walsall who has 10 goals in 25 games this season and is only 23 a player who is going to get better - exactly the sort of player we were meant to be signing. I would not call these weak signings.


Coventry signed Gyokeres who has 2 in 2 games since signing including 1 against us and Matty James a good quality championship midfielder, 


Millwall have signed Kaftenbeld and Evans both solid championship players that have played over 260 championship games between them


Wycombe signed a lad from Bournemouth we tried to sign, a young striker from Leicester who had scored 6 goals in 10 games this season and scored at the weekend for Wycombe in only his 3rd game, he also has an assist already too.


I think you are doing the 4 teams a disservice to say their signing are worse than a team that signed two free agents, one had not played a game since July 2020 and the other has played 5 games in Cyprus since last June.

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.  A Good transfer window ?  No.

A Bad Transfer window ?    No.

A Satisfying Transfer window ? Definitely.


We lost out on to Blackburn on Pickering because we couldn't compete. However, we were hunting potential rather than the finished article. There were those who have said that Luton, of our rivals, have had a decent window. Me thinks they are referring to the player Tom Ince was five years ago. 


With a surfeit of strikers at the Lane my cheeky pick would have been a half season loan of Mcburnie, had we got the resources, which we obviously had n't. So the five star move whether by accident or design has to be the retention of Liam Shaw worth two or three of the acquisitions made by our near rivals.


In conclusion, we are more than a little weak up top but Patterson is whole hearted and his throw ins are a real threat. It's not beyond the realms of possibility  that one of the others, Marriot maybe, should find a little form.


Thompson is following the old maxim of building from the back and confidence is growing. A good few of our youngsters are proving themselves more than capable. Results may be a little Patchy, but this is Thompsons bag and he is handling it well. We must remain optimistic about on the pitch progress. As for the running of the club we fear the worst and hope for the best ! 


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4 hours ago, 0742 said:


And why is it wrong to complain about both making NO signings and bad signings?!

Seems pretty logical to be unhappy with both of those scenarios to me. 


4 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


In all likelihood, yeah.


They probably just want us to sign good players, the mad b*stards.




4 hours ago, gurujuan said:

Yes of course, why wouldn’t they, neither helps our situation


I was just trying to say, maybe we could have bought someone... anyone... and that wouldn't help our cause.


If we can't get the right people in its better to bring nobody in.

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2 minutes ago, Binky Griptite said:

I was just trying to say, maybe we could have bought someone... anyone... and that wouldn't help our cause.


If we can't get the right people in its better to bring nobody in.


You also implied that fans shouldn't be complaining, which is where my issue lay.


Fans have every right to complain about the state of our club and our inability to address the glaring issues with our squad.


If we couldn't get the right people in, that's because our club has been mismanaged to the point where many of our relegation rivals at the bottom end of the Championship are a more attractive proposition than us right now.

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