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Todays lineup - here's how the Owls line up this afternoon

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9 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


Paterson in
Green dropped

Uroghide plays
Hutchinson plays again to try and recover his 100% loss rate since coming back

Must be picking names from a hat..weird 

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Is somebody deliberately trying to get this club relegated ?

Never seen anything like it, not getting I follow for this or any other game from now on if this is what's happening and I am seriously looking at getting this seasons STs refunded through my card supplier, talk about angry, I'm fuming before the game has even started to day !

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8 minutes ago, Beighton Owl 87 said:

Strong bench

Stronger than team..

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2 minutes ago, Nostalgic Owl said:


But no red cards in his last 70 games


Bannan is the person who gets a booking a game.


Keep up

But Bannan cant offer any thing defensively so others have to work extra hard, but at least Bannan gets forward playing one two's in and around the opponents box.

Or perhaps he sees himself as a quarter back behind and between the centre backs launching bombs.

It is like playing with 10 men defensively when Bannan starts. 

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Guest mkowl
8 minutes ago, Yellowbelly said:

So two defensive midfielders and Paterson isolated up top. 
Who’s going to pay to watch this again?


I have true fan or is that true idiot status 🤔

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Must be the slowest ,most goal, shy defensive line-up I've seen at Hillsborough. We looked resigned to the inevitable.  UTO

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Honestly.... somebody tell me what’s the actual point


No manager

Players apparently not being paid again (and we know how they performed last time)

Fans not being repaid the money they’re owed


I actually didn’t even know who we were playing against today 


First time I’ve not paid for iFollow.... for the first time in my life, I’ve given up 

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9 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


It has to be this system surely:












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Uroghide    Lees    Hutchinson


Palmer    Pelupessy    Bannan    Reach    Penney


Kachunga    Paterson


Kin ell...........................really potent !!!

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Guest everydays_wednesday
12 minutes ago, quinnssweetshop said:

Thanks for that.

Honestly ?

Who knows ?
Will someone go injured in the warm up ?

Will anyone want to give 50 Percent.

Who the hell knows ?

If everyone gives the percentage they have been paid then we are in deep poo!

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Actually believed Thompson yesterday basically saying we need to attack more and win games.


He’s now more defensive than Pulis and Monk teams put together. 

Can’t actually be bothered with it today. 

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