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Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

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1 minute ago, CircleSeven said:

What does anyone think to Hutchinson at CB?

Gave a dangerous free kick away just now but has seemed OK for first 30mins to me. 


Doing fine. He's the least of our issues. Although the fact we re-signed him indicates some of our biggest issues. 

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4 minutes ago, Dizzys Dad said:

Why do you always pick at Reach? 

Because he's capable of being better. 


His being weak in tackles often puts us in danger or costs us. Conversely his slow build up play ruins any opportunity with counters, which makes things difficult for us since we can't keep the ball.


Hes not the cause of all issues.. im not saying that, but he could be so, so much more effective.

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Just now, SiJ said:

Bannan's ability to give the ball away in crucial areas is quite something to behold. 


You need to be careful mate, people have  been threatened with physical violence for suggesting such things in the past 

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2 minutes ago, Ronnie Starling said:

Maybe if they were playing with better players they would look better?

Possibly.. im not sure though. Paterson has the touch of a blue whale.

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1 minute ago, whatevertrevor said:

Sorry to say this, but it's time to call it, Bannan's hair transplant has been a complete bust. 

Did they forget the back bit?

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