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6 points adrift of safety

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1 minute ago, adelphi1867 said:

With 22 games to play, not impossible, but my God it's going to be hurtfully hard with this group of players and owner..

We’ve scored 15 goals in 24 games and haven’t picked up a point all season after going behind.


The only game plan is to keep it at 0-0 and try nick a goal from somewhere.


Once we go behind its game over

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Won’t score goals as we ........

Don’t have shots,

have no midfielders flooding into the box

Hardly anyone gets to the byline and gets crosses in

etc etc etc and this was all through 2020

What a s.h.I.t  night this has been again. 




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The final irony may well be relegation due to the owner being unable to sell the ground to himself in a proper manner.

You couldn't make it up.

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19 hours ago, Kopparberg said:

I’m going to delete my scoreflash app I’ll tell ya that. 

Should solve things. 

Turned off notifications ages ago .. think it was under Monk


We are tripe. Didn't want my day ruined knowing we'd lost or got stuffed


Turned off all notifications now on SWFC.


Absolute shambles of a club at the minute


Cannot believe that after our trip to Wembley those years ago we'd be staring at the precipice of league 1 with the club helmed by an absolute charlatan in a business sense. A downright crook robbing this club of pride, history, heritage, everything ....

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8 minutes ago, Shetland Owl said:

All the other teams around us seem to be on a run and scoring goals, we are doing neither

Until last night we had picked up 10 points from 12. Last night was hugely frustrating especially with Rotherham winning as well but there is still plenty of points to be had. This next month is make or break for us.

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13 hours ago, Orlando_Trustful said:

February is massive. If it is still 6 or more after that we're done.  


21 minutes ago, S36 OWL said:


We are already done for. 

Agree we are already gone.  Said in a previous thread we’ll be relegated before lockdown is over unless we get Cook in and a decent couple of signings by Monday.  Even then I fear it’s too late, but at least Cook knows what’s required in League 1 and could oversee a clear-out.  I can see it taking 5 years to put our house in order, no short-cuts out of our current mess.


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10 hours ago, Pressman 1 said:

Still can do it problem is this team has no fight can’t score and the management is corrupt we are already down 

I'd rephrase that. Corrupt is asking for trouble. Inept, incapable can be justified as opinion but you might be asked to prove there's corruption.

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Average points to stay up over the last 4 seasons is 47 so we need minimum 28 points from 22 games. Lowest points tally for safety in those years is 43, highest is 51


Additionally there have been 4 clubs on 19 points after 24 games in those 4 seasons. 2 stayed up 2 went down, so its very much 50:50

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