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Thompson till the end of the season?   

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  1. 1. Would you give Thompson till the end of the season?

    • YES- we're picking up results and that's all that matter at the minute.
    • NO- We need the new man in ASAP

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We will never have any kind of success under Chansiri. Any one coukd have come in and thrown money at it for two years but after that failed he’s shown nothing but incompetence and arrogance. 

Going down comfortably. As bad as the Irvine days. 

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6 minutes ago, Joe Jockstrap said:

Let’s be honest in this day and age given the shizzle that surrounds us and the world would anyone buy Wednesday?


It would cost millions to acquire us, millions to stabilise us and many, many millions to get us up. I hate to think how much to make us competitive.


Joking aside we are about as attractive as Jimmy Kranky in stockings and suspenders. If this is what you’re into I apologise in advance. 



Just not accurate

Would not / could not cost millions to stabilise because under FFP any owner is not permitted to spend millions more than the club brings in revenue. 
Would / could not cost millions to get us up for the same reason. 
All the big earners will leave in the summer. Anyone on a bigger salary than the League One salary cap will leave in the summer. 
Decks will be clear. We will be in a level playing field in League One. We should have higher revenue than most rivals due to fan base, merchandise etc. We are a big attractive club in League One for attracting players. 
IF we can keep the likes of Shaw, FSB, Urhoghide, Wildsmith, we’ll cope with League One. 
The managerial appointment will be key, as important as any in our history. 



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3 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Hutchinson very poor tonight. Hardly a surprise being thrown straight in. 

We haven't exactly improved since he went off!



This is as bad as Forest, Luton, Wycombe not quite on a par with Rotherham and Huddersfield but with the importance of the game the performance has been disgraceful. 

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