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SWFC Memes - Sheffield Wednesday Meme Thread

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5 hours ago, bobness said:


Depressing/sad, but funny at the same time.:duntmatter:Still the highlight is Cake Ball though.lolAlso you should have added Moore's etc. photo. I like it, but it's a meme by it's self haha.

1 hour ago, i used to be sc_owl said:


 Baz, Joey, Leesy, Joosty and Palms.🤢Haha

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"The trouble with "lessons from history" is that we usually read them best after falling flat on our chins."   


"Girls are simply wonderful. Just to stand on a corner and watch them go past is delightful. They don't walk. At least not what we do when we walk. I don't know how to describe it, but it's much more complex and utterly delightful. They don't move just their feet; everything moves and in different directions . . . and all of it graceful."  Starship Troopers, Amen!        

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2 minutes ago, Kopparberg said:



Just now, @owlstalk said:



Not even lying when I say I'd buy that if Wednesday's shop actually sold that

Same - that mug is genius. 

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