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Just now, CircleSeven said:

Honestly, I am absolutely at peace with it all. 


Just looking forward to Wednesday night now. 


It’s the bigger picture tbh 

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Just now, Blue_&_white_wizards said:

Completely disagree, once the second goal went in it was game over but the first half we showed some really good play.


Everton are a very good team... stuff to work on but some positives after Pulis ball. Green looks a different threat when he gets up to speed.


Bazza and Reach looked very good in patches tonight

I thought there were some real positives. 


Penney looks sharp. Green looked up for it.

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1 minute ago, MrEdwards said:

We've played worse than that about 20 times this season, and that's playing senior players in defence. 


Apart from organisation at corners and Pelupessy and Brown, we didn't do too bad. 


Don't get me wrong I wish we were competing at the top of the Prem and in the FA Cup final, but in the context of this season that didn't depress me. 

You’ve just backed up what I’ve said.

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Always frustrating to lose 3-0 but to a team that played there full 11, other than Keane and Pickford. What did you expect 3 of the back 4 barely featured at all in the first team , green first game in 6 months . Competed well at times but ultimately outclassed , no big deal onto Coventry we go !

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I can’t agree Mr Blue - we played more football tonight than against Chelsea the other year (and we had a better team) and for me the nadir was the 0-0 at the sty when players like Bannan and Reach spent the evening chasing shadows. At least tonight the team tried to pass the ball and did so with some success against a very very good side who did us second half with set pieces orchestrated by a World Cup golden boot winner and a 6’7” player that England’s defence couldn’t handle. 

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3 minutes ago, Binky Griptite said:

I can't believe our team of journeyman championship players and a backline almost exclusively made up of kids lost to an Everton team packed full of internationals.


Not good enough.

There’s always one with this classic lol

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