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Everton - V - Wednesday *FA CUP* omdt

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Just now, Spondon Owl said:

I think what the honorable gentleman is trying to say is that Paterson has the technical ability of a wooden horse.


Just now, GMOwl72 said:

....and that’s being a little unfair to the wooden horse!

TBF the wooden horse did well for the Greeks against the Trojans, here's hoping.

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Lets just get into the break like this and have a breather.


Keep it close.  Nick a goal.


By God, these are a good side aren't they.


We're doing ok here. Just a gulf in class.


Great experience for the young lads.


Love it if we could squeak a goal. Set piece off Patersons knobend. Anything will do.

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Just now, daveyboy66 said:

When was the last time you saw a Wednesday centre forward not touch the ball in the first half??? 

There was a lot of players who didn't get to touch the ball in the opposing half under Pulis.

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