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Wednesday players you forgot played for us thread

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2 hours ago, room0035 said:

The only picture I could find of Franny Jeffers I assumed its because his glass ankles did not allow him to play much



If only he hadn’t pulled his head away we would have stayed up!

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2 minutes ago, flying-owl said:

Chris Marsden ........Big Wednesday fan apparently.

Good player: 


a real shame he had to quit soon after he joined. 

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3 hours ago, 0114 said:

Isaiah Osbourne. 10/11 season. Came with quite a good pedigree on loan and was truly abysmal. 


Screenshot 2021-01-19 at 15.35.36.jpg



He had a shot against Southampton that went over.


That's about it.

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2 minutes ago, markg said:

Michael Reddy

Unforgettable for me.


Gave me one of the greatest away days in my Wednesday supporting life, Pompey away, 2-1 win.



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56 minutes ago, elyowl1 said:

Not sure if previously mentioned but didn't we sign somebody in the 80s and sell him straight away, Armstrong or somebody. 

Or my memory is going which is more likely after months of lockdown with two fighting teens. 



2005 Maurice Ross lasted about 2 weeks.


Maybe that's how the 2 weeks joke started?

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1 minute ago, A12owl said:

I've just had a good long think and I've forgotten any players who played for us. 

I blame it on old age. 🤔

There are some managers and an owner I wish I COULD forget 



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2 hours ago, Gob_Bluth said:

Who was the dude who signed on a short term deal, maybe under Grey.


Played a couple of games, got a long term injury then we signed him for another year whilst he was injured and never saw him again


Eastern European fella




I forgot

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3 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:

You're all just posting players who you remember played for us.



How can you post about somebody you can't remember? 

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3 hours ago, SallyCinnamon said:

David Kasnik


Signed on loan in 2011 under Gary Megson from Olimpia Ljubljana. Despite being here for 6 months he made zero appearances. He currently plays for Rudar Velenje in the Slovenian second division. Not sure I would have messed with him though.



If he made 0 appreances than he didn't play for us which kinda defeats the point of the thread title!

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