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Sam Hutchinson begging to come back

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7 minutes ago, jacko1992 said:

Was hugely influential in our team before he was frozen out by gaz punk. Come home Sam.

this. countless times reducing us to 10 men, or costing us a early sub in the games. come on Sam , come home.

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Just now, wilyfox said:

Sam had his time here. Someone new please.




I know for some he was a bit of a talisman, but at age 31 you have to question whether his best days are behind him. Factor in his injury problems and disciplinary record and it's a no from me. And that's without considering the persistent rumours that he was a disruptive influence in the dressing room.


Lets move on.

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12 minutes ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:

I dread to ask, but why have you edited Hutchinson's nipple to look bigger?



To keep abreast of transfer rumours........?

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11 minutes ago, OhForAnotherShez said:

I'd rather Shaw signed a new contract.


he can do a similar job, and hopefully for longer.


That's definitely the right approach.


Invest in youth. Bring on someone who will improve with coaching and experience, who has a career ahead of them rather than behind them, and who potentially has a transfer value. 

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