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Andre Green was going to sign for SWFC then Monk got sacked, then Pulis got sacked...

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2 hours ago, Ray Von shabba said:

TBH Neil, I did cos I was a Nuhiu fan and got regularly slated for it. Wish we had him now.

Yeah I bet he’s been scorin for fun in Micky Mouse Cyprus league...anyone know his stats?

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More like he wanted premiership/top end championship wages 


Wednesday refused/couldn't afford them 

So he waited til he got that offer, which never came and ended up signing up anyway 



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Could it be to related to 'accounts' and budgeting reasons? Otherwise I am completely stumped. 

I think a lot of players figured they would get deals at a specific rate and perhaps that hasn't transpired. I know we were in for Jackson Irvine and he's now ended up at Hibs which feels like a step down. 

Hopefully the Pandemic has brought positive changes to the salary expectations of footballers.

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