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Mentioned this ‘trip’ in the other thread today. Before he came out with this. 

It seemed like it was completely unnecessary to go... and as shortsighted as you can get. 

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1 hour ago, sheriwozgod said:

There is something very disagreeable about this man.................................mainly his face.

He’s got summer teeth.

Summer yellow, summer green, summer missing...

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9 minutes ago, markg said:

Shearer's boot must have done some long lasting damage

Neil Lennon is the only man who could get kicked in the head and end up getting blamed.


He's a first class helmet.

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Sounds desperate...


Honestly, I could not imagine anything worse than being a Scottish football fan. To see how he’s being treated after Celtic have won 9 league titles in a row is a disgrace. It’s like fans simply cannot accept that because they haven’t won the league by 20 points he’s intentionally tried to sabotage the club. (I know he wasn’t there for all of them but still) 


Mainly Celtic related in recent years but now Rangers are slowly coming back but the expectations are always so high for these two clubs when in reality they are a top 6 League One side at best. I can never understand, just because they spend all year beating teams with part time players at grounds in the back of pubs there’s this massive sense of entitlement that they should be making it into the Champions League every year and would easily finish top half in the PL! 


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On 19/01/2021 at 00:46, EXCALIBUR said:

Neil lennon 

1st class 


I'd like to give you an "A" for effort 

But unfortunately that's needed in the spelling .....


See Me........


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