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The old Sheffield Wednesday Sign on Penistone Road

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As a kid I remember never knowing which route to take down Herries Road....walk on the pavement so far then there'd be a car reversed in up to the fence, detour into the road, back to the inside again, another car in the way, back out to the road...flippin nightmare! People used to walk twice as far than they needed to...bet they still do if there's a crowd over 10,000! Lovely smell of hot dogs, burgers and onions on the corner of Herries/Penistone Roads ..never got one though, "Tha's 'ad thi dinner!" was normally the reply😖🙄

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21 hours ago, happy bunny said:

Walking down Penistone Road for a night match was an incredible feeling


The sight of the floodlights as you walked along the end of Wordsworth


The sound of the ground reaching your ears, pulling you ever faster


Then the sight of that glorious sign as you came through the arches


Everything just oozed class and excitement

Yep..and now its so borin..if you can be arsed to turn out for a night match that is..

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Amazing to think just how futuristic the ground looked in the 60's and 70's. Probably the best league ground at that time. Old work colleague coming to live in Sheffield from the West Country wanted to support one of the Sheffield clubs on a regular basis. He went to the Lane a couple of times and the same to Hillsborough. His conclusion was that though he preferred the atmosphere at Sheffield 2 the reason he became an Owls was that S2 was a totally distressing area and stadium, whilst Hillsborough was in a nicer area and looked like a palace in comparison. Still a ST holder until last season when he'd had enough of Chansiri and his petifogging ways. Think he's now back to supporting Exeter.

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