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7 hours ago, Manwë said:

The game has become an online event, which is cheaper, avoids the battle and time to get to the ground, and you can drink, smoke and do whatever you want while watching Wednesday.  We've been watching bad football in empty stadiums, like reserve team games I used to go to.


 After Covid, will people flock back to pubs, restaurants, planes etc sustainably when it's all done, or have they discovered some more home comforts?   


Wednesday's saving grace could be our own incompetence, as season tickets get carried over to next year(idle speculation on my part) will get fans back in to the routine of going to games rather than staying online.  


Do I miss Hillsborough?  Nope.  I only miss it when I walk up the steps to the North, glance at the away end to see how many they've brought and then the Kop and then take my seat, only then do I realised I missed it.   

ive spent too much time lately at home ,pub ,home/away games and other stuff id be back in 2mins .why woyuld i want to stay another min in front of a tv screen . life is for living not wasting away indoors .

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Although I do miss the buzz of match day, since I’ve been watching more games on tv (and not only us) the affect of not having a crowd in has made me realise just how boring the game has become

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