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The Good, The Good, and The Goodly

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2 minutes ago, A12owl said:

I'm on level 4 so "I'm still waiting" oh there's another song. Could have made this a positive song thread. 

Should have read predictive text. 

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1 hour ago, theowlsman said:

Any positive stuff on Sheffield Wednesday anyone?


I’ll start with the emergence of Liam Shaw, who seems to have a bright future ahead of him.

And we were out of the bottom three.


Anything at all positive, bung it in here. 


Come up and see me, make me smile.


All the talk was about how Hunt was the one from the academy who was ready to come through and make it, few mentioned anything about Shaw being ready but his emergence recently has been great to see. Had to play in a number of different positions and has done a job in each of them, full credit to the lad for taking his chance at a difficult time for the club and raising the bar.


Got to say I was very impressed with how the club handled the Exeter game as well. Lets face it, that was the type of game we have lost plenty of times in the past even with a full squad. For an academy coach to lead the team to a positive result with the experienced players providing good support to the young lads in the team was good to see.  

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Despite going into the season with a massive points deduction we have a chance of staying up.

A couple of the young lads are coming through - a sign that our academy is perhaps working.


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Well it was 60 days between old Luhukay getting the heave hoe and Bruce rocking up. 


53 days from Bruce walking and Monk getting the top job.


It's only been 18 days so far since Pulis wasn't allowed to leave then got sacked.


So we're on schedule with the next manager announcement at least , so there's something to warm the cockles.

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26 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

We’re on our way back in a minimalist context.


Maybe... Ignoring the initial despair, hidden with in this post about the return of Jack Marriot, there is positivity... 


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11 minutes ago, Joe Sunburn said:

Definitely Liam Shaw. I'll add Reach and Paterson have found their touch. Keep it going. UTO. 

Personally I think Liam Shaw could be a big player for us in the future. Thompson declared he had played up front for the academy after he got his first goal for Wednesday. Ignoring our midfield problems, I would like to see Shaw start up front for the first team and see if he can reproduce again.


Shaw seems to have struck up a partnership with Paterson in the goal scoring celebrations, maybe the pair would also be the answer for goal chance creation?


In the absence of £12m, he should be given a chance to play for Wednesday up front.

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Unbeaten in 5 (league and cup)

Only conceded 2 in those 5

Andre Green signing

Paterson's scored 3 in 3

Currently 9th in the Championship form table

Despite our academy getting pelters on here 10 players from our academy have played for the first team this year (Palmer, Wildsmith, Dawson, Penney, Brennan, Shaw, Hunt, Galvin, Eratt-Thompson and Rice) I know some for only a couple of mins and covid, but still...

We've already beaten Colin this season

Currently in the middle of 1 game in 23 days, hopefully a chance for those injured to recuperate and return.

We're still in the cup



But the biggest positive is that because of covid none of us got to watch Pulisball 'live'...

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