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BREAKING NEWS Coventry and Wycombe games suspended

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15 minutes ago, gurujuan said:

Guess that throws up a problem with the Everton game, being only 3 days after the Wycombe one?

Academy players it is then!


Cricket score.


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15 minutes ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

Shouldn’t have sacked Pulis.

With him in charge, we weren’t scoring any goals, therefore no celebrations/hugging players etc. to spread the virus.


It might have been worse with Pulis..................one keeper and 10 in defense all huddled together would easily spread the virus.

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More time on the manager front.

Some players who have injuries have more time to recover.

If the season gets cancelled, will we get more PPG?



Our players and staff etc. are effected by covid.

We might be behind the other teams when we play again.


Me thinking how Owlstalk will cope in the next week, hopefully we get some manager news haha.

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"The trouble with "lessons from history" is that we usually read them best after falling flat on our chins."   


"Girls are simply wonderful. Just to stand on a corner and watch them go past is delightful. They don't walk. At least not what we do when we walk. I don't know how to describe it, but it's much more complex and utterly delightful. They don't move just their feet; everything moves and in different directions . . . and all of it graceful."  Starship Troopers, Amen!        

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41 minutes ago, wellbeaten-the-owl said:

Exeter game we were allowed to bolster squad with u23 to fulfill the fixture.  Championship games only can select from 25 registered players

My understandin was that under 21s don't need to be registered to play, so the 25-player registration limit would have absolutely no impact on our ability to play academy players. We could have 25 30-year-olds registered in our squad and still name an 18-man squad of teenagers without having to register a single one of them

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