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Wigan Fan’s Honest View on Paul Cook

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Think this is the most positive I've felt about any of the managers we've been linked with for a long time. The OP sums up exactly why we should go for Cook.


For that reason, it's never gonna happen. 😂

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23 hours ago, daveyboy66 said:

Really ? You do understand the libel laws ?


Yes, has 2 ingredients , has to be false information - it's not - and has to damage claimant's reputation.


Re kid, it suggests he's extremely articulate and , following Huddersfield firings, got decision right.


About Chansiri Snr, you can't damage someone's reputation any more who has brought club to a laughing stock, incurred criminal penalties for late accounts and who an independent panel stated was a liar and had backdated a legal document to swerve FFP.


And hasn't appointed Cooky yet.



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