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1 hour ago, OWLISH said:


It's got to be Derby for me Whitey




You got them by default as they were the lowest ranked team going into the games (With Wycombe's game being called off) 



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9 out, 14 through to round 3


The next round of fixtures is spread apart, because of the FA Cup and rearranged games so we're going to skip those as some teams are playing twice and others not at all. Instead, round 3 is for the weekend starting 29th January.


So, plenty of time to choose, please make your selections by Friday 29th January at 7pm


Fixtures here - https://www.livescore.com/en/football/england/sky-bet-championship/#/round-27


Spreadsheet here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rb9pO78V5Io5sVX1zSWci-hHS2Z6FCm9kyzSMkT52l4/edit#gid=938716760

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Well my defense of my title is over after stoke let me down, tried to be too clever and save Norwich for another day but hey hoo, best of luck to the rest of ye that are still in and hope ye enjoy this as much as I do, thanks whitechapel owl for taking the time out to di it and look forward to the next 1 

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I'm going to have to wait till the Monday fixture to see if my choice goes through. 

Watford please. 

Hopefully by then everybody else will be out. 🤞

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