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Firstly - it will be cold! make sure you're prepared for that


Got one of the longest shopping streets in the world - lots of bars/restaurants


Royal Palace - you can literally wander right up and peer through the windows


Tivoli Gardens likely to be shut that time of year but otherwise have a wander


Christiana is a must imo - it's a hippie community that lives more or less by its own rules - well worth a visit -https://theculturetrip.com/europe/denmark/copenhagen/articles/christiania-13-things-to-know-about-copenhagens-hippie-free-town/


Walk - everywhere!

Like most cities there is way more than just the tourist spots and centre. Have a walk into the districts and mingle with the locals going about their everyday business. Have a coffee/beer at any number of the cafes and watch the world go by 


Go to the harbour area - nearby is quite chic with the houseboats and waterfront bars/cafes and apartments - but it's a nice place to spend some time


Finally it may seem a little off the wall for a trip to Copenhagen but i would definitely take a train to Malmo across the Oresund Bridge.

In Malmo you can visit the city itself (it's small and contained) A visit to Lila Torg - an outdoor town square with its outdoor ice rink surrounded by the bars/cafes. They have external seating with reindeer skins and blankets to help keep you comfortable - or if not feeling that hardy then you can always go inside.


You can go to the coast - it is the Baltic coast and VERY cold with the icy wind blowing in from the sea. You'll also see the strange building called the Twisted Torso. Malmo is small so everything is in walking distance


But even further off the wall i'd recommend getting a train from Malmo to Ystaad - it's like a small town stuck in the 1500's with it's beautiful buildings. There isn't a great deal there - a couple of restaurants, a pizzeria and a few shops but it's worth it just for the stunning train journey through the countryside along the coast - likely to be very snowy with the contrast of the herds of reindeer moving through the country


Ystaad has latterly become famous for the Swedish detective series Wallander - so it can have a little of a more contrived feel as it caters for the fans who visit to follow in the footsteps of the series - but it's still very traditional

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Been to Copenhagen many times but its always work so haven't had much time to look around.

One thing I would advise is...dont waste your time with the little mermaid....little being the understatement


oh and take plenty of money

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