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Little things I don't like about football today

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The hypocrisy that teams in the EPL can spend gargantuan sums to assemble a squad but if your club is in the EFL then they are penalised for spending and being ambition.


FiNaNciAl FaIr PlAy

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On 10/01/2021 at 13:11, Striggy said:

I'm getting on a bit now and although I probably look at my long experience of watching football through tinted specs and a failing memory (many things were actually rubbish back in the day) lots of little things really annoy me about the game today.  I'm not going to moan about the big things, high ticket prices and obscene footballer salaries, its the little more trivial things.  I will start with a few of mine, some of which have already been mentioned and discussed in other threads but thought we could round 'em all up here.


  • Subs not been ready prepared to come on, in the old days, whip your tracksuit top off and your ready to go
  • Long sleeve under garments under short sleeved tops
  • Coloured football boots
  • Not wearing your first strip away when no colour clash


They are not really important in the great scheme of things, just don't like 'em.  What are yours?

No one could possibly disagree with these

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Guys purporting to be professional footballers when in reality they would struggle yo get in my local pub team.

Professional footballers (including internationals) that cannot use both feet FFS!

Grown men on a football pitch falling down if you as much as breathe on them (even when you have not had garlic!)


I could go on.    🤬

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